2019-12-23 (M) MIDIGlocken

Nearly every time I played a note, the unit would reset. In my Arduino code, I had a serial message that would transmit upon startup, and it appeared during these lulls, so I was sure it was resetting, not just hanging in code. I could feel a surge from the power supply when an electromagnet energized, but that power was not directly interfacing with the control power. I thought it could still be generating unwanted interference, and I wanted to protect the power supply, so I added flyback diodes (Wikipedia link) to each solenoid. These were diodes I happened to have in stock.

The diodes prevented the nuisance resetting, but I still need to modify the code so I can play notes simultaneously. Button presses introduced a delay each time, and that prevented a second press from registering.

The hot glue holding the picture hangers to the plastic keys was coming loose. I remelted the glue on one key, and it stuck, but another came loose, so this is not a long-term solution. Screws or bolts will likely swap out the cement, which may require counter-weights inside the keys.
Flyback diodes across solenoids

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