2019-12-24 (Tu) BCHearing Aid

My hearing, especially at high frequencies, is appalling. My left ear is worse than my right. To combat this, I got a magnet implanted behind my right ear. I chose the right ear because there is a higher chance that my left ear will need a medically implanted hearing aid someday, and I don't want to remove another magnet.

The purpose of implanting a magnet for hearing restoration is the make a hearing aid which actuates the magnet from the outside. This will require an amplifier, a voice coil, and a battery. To start, an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker was purchased with the intent of tearing it down.

Telling people about my successes is fabulous, and I hope inspires folks. Speaking about my failures is vital too. This project did not result in a working prototype. Admittedly, I did not pursue all avenues, but what I saw encouraged me to spend time on other projects. If you read this blog and have questions about what I found, or you want to brainstorm a better model, I would be delighted to chat.
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Enough background

A $2 USD Bluetooth speaker was purchased with the intent of using the battery and amplifier for the BCHearing Aid project. BCHearing is for Bone-Conducting Hearing. An ordinary Phillips screwdriver removed the screws holding the unit together. Despite the width, there was only one speaker inside. This is good news since the amplifier board won't have a wasted channel.
Speaker opened up

When the board was removed, the speaker was desoldered, and a homemade coil was soldered in its place. This was a leftover coil from a different project. It was made by wrapping magnet wire around an eraser.

The results had mixed results. The bad news was that the coil was not putting out the kind of power necessary to drive an implanted magnet. The good news was that when the volume was all the way up, and the coil was pressed over the magnet, the sound that did come through, had a very encompassing effect, which is to say that I couldn't readily identify the source. This effect was due to the bone-conduction, which bypasses the outer ear. I enjoyed it.
Battery, PCB, and a homemade coil

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