2019-12-30 (M) MIDIGlocken

The relays could not trigger simultaneously because I used the delay() function. Even if the buttons were pressed at exactly the same time, one relay would close while the other waited. I revised the code so each relay would act faithfully to the corresponding button.
Next, I wanted to get the addressable LED strip working. I have used these enough in the past that I assumed this would be a quick task to get something functional before moving on to more significant issues. I was a fool. I added the necessary code and nothing happened. It should have turned each of the eight LEDs a different hue, similar to the key colors when a switch was pressed. All of the code was formatted correctly, even before I checked it eleventy-billion times.
Filtering components

I checked that I was getting power to the board, and I was. I thought something was wrong with the signal pin on the Arduino, so I desoldered it and put it on a digital output, but that did not work any better. To make sure I was getting a signal to the board, I put an LED between the ground and signal wire, and it flashed at the appropriate times.
Additional segment and an LED on digital-out

This project used nearly every pin on the Arduino, which is poor form. It is wise to keep a few spares in case one burns out or unsuitable. The only open sockets were the data pins, 0 and 1. As a cheap time-gamble, I assigned the LED output to the TX pin, but it had the same result as before. This project will not have lights. Bummer.
Digital-in from TX pin

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