2020-01-01 (W) MIDIGlocken

To make things easier on my eyes, I formatted the incoming MIDI signals to make them readable. Instead of a string of integers rammed together without spaces, I:
  • added "0x" in front of each number
  • added a space after each
  • printed everything in HEX
  • added a newline after each command. 
During my formatting, I created an array to store each new message. The array made it easier to isolate the part of the command I was interested in. Since I will not control how hard the keys are pressed, the velocity portion of the message can be ignored, and I will want to ignore which channel data comes from. The remaining data was the note, and I decided to use the default whole-notes from my portable piano controller.
Working screen with good looking MIDI on the serial port

With the relevant data right where I wanted it and a stable connection, I added code to trigger relays from MIDI the same way it would be triggered from the switches. The function that controls the relays doesn't know the difference between a button press and a MIDI signal so they cannot conflict with each other.
(0:14) Playing MIDIGlocken Through 
MIDI Controller

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