2020-01-18 (Sa) ProjectHoneybee

I went to the store and bought a new ESP32-WROOM-32 breakout board from Sparkfun, but when I got home, an order of bare modules was in my mailbox, and I already had a programming jig. This configuration was what I planned from the beginning, but raw modules are surprisingly expensive compared to the breakout board versions. Now, I had hardware I wanted, so I paired them up and had no trouble running a test program.
New hardware

The programming jig had header pins so I could connect the display without fuss. Struggles with poor documentation were nearly over, but I hadn't displayed anything yet, so there was still work. In the end, the biggest problem was that the pin labeled "SDA" should have read "MOSI," and this was extra confusing because SDA indicates the I2C protocol, whereas "MOSI" is indicative of the SPI protocol.
Working display example

Once I ran a test example, I wanted to integrate the screen into a single program where all the components worked together. Sensor data still controlled the LEDs, as before, but it also displayed on the screen as a value from zero to one-hundred. I could have shown raw readings, but those numbers were much longer and continuously changing. I found that blanking the entire screen was time -consuming and lead to flickering. The solution was to write over the old values with the same text but the same color as the background, then write the updated value. By erasing only the changed values, the display looks completely inactive when the numbers aren't changing.
Displaying live values in respective colors

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