2020-02-08 (Sa) SocketSetStack

I have an inexpensive socket wrench set at work, and when I bump into my tool cart, all the sockets are thrown from their shallow grove to get mixed around. When I went to the hardware store to buy a socket set organizer, I balked at the price and put it in the back of my mind to come up with a solution. 3D printing seemed the most logical solution.

I planned to mount a couple of vertical bars on my cart and stack a series of printed plastic parts on the posts. Each piece would have four limbs that would accept the sockets and keep them readily accessible.

In OpenSCAD, I designed the first part in 33 lines. I declared parameters to make to change the changeover between different socket sizes an arbitrary matter. Anyone who wanted to make changes through the modeling program or Thingiverse should have little trouble.
First model

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