2020-02-13 (Th) SocketSetStack

I had enough 1/4" socket holders printed to start organizing my collection, but I also had 3/8" sockets that were no less important. Three-eighths of an inch is 9.525mm, but I measured 9.58mm, so I figured I should error on the larger size
Measuring a 3/8" socket

Since I designed this model parametrically, it was a fast change from 1/4" sockets to 3/8", but I had trouble with adhesion on the larger models. I was still tuning my printer and figuring out how much glue was necessary. Some of my prints used a raft, which did not work at all, and I got cocky and tried printing without any adhesion method, but they all slid off. In the end, my best results were with a brim base layer.
Three failed prints in a row

My Thingiverse page for SocketSetStack.
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