2020-02-19 (W) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Warning, one of the parts shown in this post is inadvisable for a friendly bout of electric knife sparring. The high voltage generator was advertised as a 400kV module delivered a painful shock rather than the tinge of a cheap stun gun. I didn't know this when I constructed the first prototype.

Enough background
One of the most straightforward designs to test, and which would fit nicely on a scrap of plastic, was to lace some bare wire through holes and wrap them around the outside edge, basically a whip stitch with wire. This was an early prototype which was never meant to be practical, only answer the question of design viability. Holes in the plastic were wider than necessary, and a battery and high voltage generator were stuck on the front with double-sided tape next to a switch hanging over the edge. The product was handheld but unwieldy.

Basically, I built a breadboard blade

The distance between the wires was too far to develop an arc, so a scrap of bare wire narrowed the gap until a spark erupted. When the electricity jumped, there was an audible snap, good for deterring would-be assailants.
Proving a spark

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