2020-03-03 (Tu) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

In the aluminum bars, I mounted some heat-set bolts by tightening them against a washer, so they bit into the aluminum. These were handy parts that did not need any extra work to mount. The disadvantage was that they could not turn once installed.
Heat-set bolts forced into place

In the other bar, I left the holes open, but I countersank all three on one face of the bar. The bolts installed on this side can spin freely, but they will sit flush once tightened. It would have been possible to use screws on both sides.
Countersunk bolt holes

As a test, I placed one of the stun guns between the aluminum bars and tightened the bolts to hold it there. Making knives this way might have to serve as a way to build knives quickly, even if they're difficult to wield.
Bars holding a shocker frictionly

I put a couple of large holes in the knife blade so I could squeeze metal spacers into it. The spacers provide a union where bolts from both sides can meet and tighten both bars simultaneously.
Modified rubber knife blade

Right now, the stun gun doesn't have any connection to the knife blade, but I can pick up the whole unit, and nothing shakes loose. I will have to modify the taser to connect it to the aluminum tape. It looks pretty awful.
Blade and stun gun mounted together

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