2020-03-04 (W) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

The stun guns had short wires coming from their high voltage generators, and they ran right to the electrodes on the front of the apparatus. Extending high voltage wires was tricky because a gap in the insulation could lead to arcing inside the device. I used some heat shrink tubing with a ring of solder on the inside. When exposed to heat, like a heat gun or lighter, the solder would melt to secure inserted wires while shrinking the insulation tube.
Extended high-voltage wires

When I tested the stun gun, there was arcing where I wanted along the blade. One part of this test was to ensure that electricity would not flow through the metal handle and affect the user. Fortunately, this was not the case.
Spark at the tip
Spark near the handle

Wiring between the stun gun and blade was a temporary matter. I bunched up the long conductors and wrapped the bare ends with a rubber band. At this point, there was no point securing the wires to the aluminum tape with solder or piercing.
Blade and shocker temporarily wired

The stun guns have a charging circuit built into the device, and this model had extendable prongs for a US power socket. It already looked ridiculous, but when I plugged it into the wall, I had to take a picture because that is something no one would understand without some context.
I hope my landlord doesn't see this charging

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