2020-03-13 (F) Weekly Summary

I kept evolving my design for a handle based around aluminum bars fastened to a blade with standoffs. In this version, I placed the rectangular voltage converter perpendicular to the handle and battery.
This design sort of fits everything

Everything I constructed needed to records or comparison to the previous versions. I had to be able to reconstruct these at will, so I drafted my current model so anyone could replicate the design by printing a copy and using the paper as a 1:1 template.
CAD revision of the experimental design

In this revision, I aligned the voltage converter with the battery and handle, so it was a uniform width, but an extended grip. The paper template made it quicker to produce a knife than before, and all the guesswork was gone.
Sleek and easy to reproduce

Even though I was rounding my metal corners, I wanted to cover the exposed metal in case there was a jabbing accident. In OpenSCAD, I designed a cover that would fit between the handle and blade. I printed one with WAG dimensions, then promptly revised it. The first one was ridiculously larger than the knife, so I changed the diameter, and made the little hole in the middle into a hexagon large enough for a spacer.
Edge protector

No matter which design and configuration I used, the voltage converter was exposed, so I bought some wider aluminum. Earlier, I was using 3/4" (19mm), and I switched to 1" (25mm) stock. The square handle was comfortable but didn't feel as natural as a real knife handle. I also changed the edge protector to fit a square 1" end so I wouldn't have to spend time rounding the corners.
Revised guard and beefy handle

A long handle that was 1" on each side was getting ridiculous, so I tried a new design where the converter came out the bottom again, but this time it was supported by the rest of the handle. I even added a button in this version, which sat neatly between the converter and top where it poked through a hole.
Short but it exposes the parts

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