2020-03-25 (W) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

I wanted to test the usability of Velostat as a conductor on the blade edges, so I cut out a paper template from the PDF I designed. You can find this template in the GitHub repository, also linked at the bottom of the post. The trick to cutting plastic was to stretch it on a stiff substrate, like cardboard, and then tape the paper to that. Paper's stiffness ensures that it will stay put, but the Velostat needs to be convinced. Using the template as a guide, I cut the long lines, and then I used a pair of scissors to cut the curves and short lines.
Trimmed blade conductors

I put glue all over a knife blade and smeared a Velostat strip all over it to coat that side. I let the glue get a bit tacky on both sides before I pressed them together.
First dab of glue

Within a minute of glue touching the Velostat, it began to curl up. The picture below has a wildly curled strip on it, but it is hard to see since it exposed the glue on the underside. Despite the distorting, I clamped the blade and plastic under a gallon (3.7L) of water and let it dry overnight.
Velostat so curled that it is hard to recognize

My results were mixed. The Velostat adhered securely, but it showed a noticeable ripple. It was challenging to keep everything aligned while clamped, so it was not centered. I may be able to create a procedure that will eliminate the distortion and alignment, but it might be easier to use aluminum tape strips instead.
Rippling effect from glue

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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