2020-04-01 (W) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

I wanted to have a flashy award for the winner of the next Grindfest knife fights, and I still had laser cutter access. While I was ordering rubber training knives, I bought the wrong item and wound up with sharp plastic knives that looked nearly identical. Rather than return them, I decided they would make for a fitting centerpiece on a trophy, so I designed a stand that would hold the accidental purchase.
Screenshot of display stand

I forgot to bring some sheets of plastic to the hackspace, so I had to settle for some scrap plastic to test my work. Fortunately, I found some plastic with similar thickness to what I planned on, and cut it out. I singed the back of the plastic with an overzealous laser and no protective layer on the media. My first attempt weakened the side stands, and the stuff I found in the bin was already scuffed up. Everything else worked out fine, so I will have to cut it out properly next time.
Scrap plastic holding a knife

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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