2020-04-03 (F) Weekly Summary

The creator of the Marble Machine, Wintergatan, is still working on his next creation, and one portion of that was going to be a unique tool he named the Ondophone, a portmanteau of the two instruments fro which it takes its characteristics. It has a pleasant sound and looks wild to play.

To leverage the effects of blue light on sleep patterns, this hacker added it instead of blocking it. The goal was to promote wakefulness, even if natural light wasn't available, and not have to rely on chemical ingestion.

I made a functional knife with a clear handle and a non-standard blade. I knew this knife would not enter the pool of stock weapons because the handle material was so expensive. For a demonstration piece, it is marvelous, because it shows the internals, and exemplifies how someone can make a useful tool from similar, but not identical, parts.
Clear handled knife

I wrote rules for the exhibition matches, but they were not as fun as the building rules, and they shouldn't even be necessary. I will keep them in the GitHub repo for now.

Screenshot of GitHub PDF for match rules

Somewhere in my rampant knife/taser ordering, I bought a couple of sharp plastic knives. I won't hypothesize about what folks want to do with plastic knives, but they looked like the rubber knives at a glance. I wanted to do something with them because I wouldn't donate them to a thrift store. My solution was to use the laser cutter to make an acrylic base and feature the plastic knife as a centerpiece.

When I got to the hackspace, I realized that I left my acrylic sheets at home, so I did a test run on some scrap acrylic, and it looked like what I envisioned. The plastic I found had no protective layer, so there are visible scorch marks on a few of the edges, and an oval missing from part of the plaque.
Knife display on scrap plastic

The next day, I remembered my plastic sheets, and I had enough plastic and time to make a second plaque for the second knife. The original award was for the knife fight, and the second will be for the weapon fight, which will not be limited to knives.
Two finished display trophies

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