2020-04-11 (Sa) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

The warning I drafted in a silly tone needed to be toned down. Despite a concerted effort, I couldn't get it to sound right, and someone advised me that it didn't have a consistent message, but I kept some of the humor. While I was checking my work, I proof-read the switch adapter step to ensure things made sense, and I added some pictures.
I started a new instruction step for the handle. At first, I thought I would assemble an entirely new knife for these instructions, but I have been able to find suitable pictures for everything so far. One new picture I took was of an empty handle next to a ruler. Fortunately, I had a few spare handles.
Handle section

Next, I started on the circuit step. I had a picture of the bare converter from previous shots, and I remembered to mention that folks would have to salvage one from an existing stun gun. I included photos of the circuit where I hadn't installed the switch yet, which will happen in a later step. There was a close-up of the solder sleeves I used to connect the battery and high-voltage converter.
Circuit section

Hackaday.io page.
Thingiverse page for switch adapter.
GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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