2020-05-07 (Th) Touch Atari Punk Console APCTouch

                                    A long time ago, in a city far far away
                  Well, a few years ago in the same state
I made some prop lightsabers with polycarbonate blades filled with EL wire. They were fun to play with, but they were silent. The toys that had motion-activated sound effects were more immersive. I want to add sound to any sword, wand, foam ax, or wristband.

I plan to build the venerable Atari Punk Console (APC), aka the Stepped Tone Generator. Instead of dials, the sound will change based on acceleration, and I hope to do this without a microcontroller. Ideally, the sound would be transmitted from a Bluetooth transmitter so it can play on a suitable speaker nearby. We'll see.

Enough background

I ordered a handful of DIP 555 timers, but I already had some SOIC models in stock from a previous project. The device should be as small as possible so it could fit into a pommel. I had some 8-position SMD adapters, which would act as my substrate. Each APC requires two chips, so a couple of wires would link these. I applied some solder paste and used a hot-air station to connect the boards.
Making my SOIC act like a DIP

The rest of the assembly went smoothly. I had all the parts in stock, so I spent most of the time trying to make the assembly as small as possible. For now, there is a standard speaker and a couple of potentiometers. I later realized the potentiometers were more than ten times the resistance called for in the Wikipedia circuit.
(0:17) Luckily, it's not very loud

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