2020-05-09 (Sa) Touch Atari Punk Console APCTouch

The APC I built yesterday didn't sound right, and my DIP 555 timers arrived, so I decided to make one on a solderless breadboard. The only differences in the parts were the resistor and chips.
Insertion-mount parts

My stock of 9V connectors ran out, so I substituted a step-up voltage module and powered it from a USB battery pack. While I was soldering, I added prototyping wires to the potentiometers.
Power supply and prototyping potentiometers

Despite the slow-downs, I made a working console, and it sounded the way I would expect. For output, I selected a piezo element, and if I rested a plastic tube over it, the recorder's microphone had no trouble picking it up. I had logarithmic potentiometers, so their frequency change is exponential, but our ears expect that kind of alteration, and it may be a good thing.
(0:40) Functioning APC

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