2020-05-13 (W) Touch Atari Punk Console APCTouch

I saw how difficult it would be to make a small motion-sensing sound module, so I changed the project's purpose. Instead of pursuing an unrealistic goal, I switched to a touch-sensing apparatus. Admittedly, this was a form of scope-creep.

The project's goal changed from a motion-sensing sound generator to an Atari Punk Console with long, touchable rheostats. I will only power and signal wires to the resistance material and substrate, so this won't connect like a potentiometer. For the power rail, I am going to use a bar of aluminum. The metal will be unbroken with the circuitry in the center and bands of conductive plastic on either side. The stock will be continuous with the battery's positive terminal, and a connection with both of the resistance bands.
Conductive plastic and an aluminum bar

I needed to suspend Velostat over the aluminum bars because they would conduct a bit by lying slackly on top. In OpenSCAD, I designed some brackets that would accept the conductive bar and plastic strips. This design was similar to my mask strap buckle. I forgot to scale my first print, so it printed 5% too small. I started a new copy before going to bed.
First print was undersized

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