2020-05-14 (Th) Touch Atari Punk Console APCTouch

The second set of plastic prints were correctly sized and fit onto the aluminum bar snugly. When I slid the plastic sheet through, some of the broader spots snagged and marred the edges, but this shouldn't affect the instrument.

After I connected one strip and power, there was no effect on the sound, which was distressing because it worked the last time I had ordinary potentiometers connected to the synthesizer. I traced out the solder joints and found a short between the variable resistor input and the positive voltage on the second timer chip. I removed a couple of wires without disturbing anything, but the problem remained, so I replaced the timer. Sure enough, when I took a meter to the input and voltage pins of the scrapped chip, there was unwanted continuity. After that, the ribbon allowed me to change the sound, so I started the second set of prints for the other potentiometer.
Conductive ribbon spread by printed parts

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