2020-05-27 (W) HouseRobotInterference

Audacity has a command called "Detach at Silences," which recognizes the period between all the recorded words and chops it out. I now had 6,800 clips, and I thought I could export them as individual files, but that command wouldn't separate based on these clips. I hunted around to find a way to export each sound bite as a single file, but nothing was forthcoming. The export function would have worked if I had a label for each word, so I looked at how I could name them all. Again, there was nothing obvious, and the forum warned that adding hundreds of labels would cause slowdown, and I wanted to add almost seven-thousand.

Exporting a single clip to mp3 only took a couple of steps, and many tools in Audacity made it quick. I wrote an AutoHotKey script that would generate a sound file, and move to the next word when I pressed a key combination. I used generous time delays so it wouldn't trip on itself, but it was far from a tuned macro. I triggered the macro with the Arduino, which I reprogrammed to press the needed keys so long as the physical button was active. Each word took seven seconds, so it should complete in approximately 13.2 hours. It was still running when I left for work.
Segmented clips

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