2020-05-12 (Tu) Touch Atari Punk Console APCTouch

I wanted to try a joystick as the controlling mechanism, and what is more fitting for an ATARI Punk Console, than a joystick? I had some replacement PS4-style joystick guts on my shelves, and they feature a couple of potentiometers, so I decided to attach test lead wires to give it a try.
Joystick for game controller repair

Aside from a dead spot in one part of the movement, the joystick was an intuitive way to control the sound. I made a quick demonstration video. If I were looking for a fun way to modulate this synthesizer, I would probably stop looking and concentrate on making it more comfortable.
(0:16) Joystick and APC

Finally, I was confident my APC would react appropriately to new inputs, so I attached an analog accelerometer. This transducer outputs analog voltage levels based on acceleration, so I hoped it would change the sound as I flung it around, but there is no video because it didn't make any difference. I tried running the transducer at the prescribed 5V, and I even put it on 9V for a moment, but there was no reaction in the circuit.
Attempt with an analog accelerometer

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