2020-06-28 (Su) InCompass

Before, I started the calibration one second after pressing a button, but I changed it so it would calibrate one second after I released it to make sure I wasn't disturbing it. I don't know if this made any difference, but it was the pragmatic approach.

When the program took ten readings to assess the resting value of the gyroscope, I waited two milliseconds between each. 2mS seemed to lend a reasonable amount of accuracy, but I knew that wasn't close to the program's scan time. I replaced the hard-coded time with a variable that checked the last scan time and used that, which tended to be between ten and fifteen milliseconds. The drifting numbers during resting periods went way down, and I could watch the device sit at zero for a bit, whereas before it would promptly skew negatively. I also tested accuracy by spinning the IMU and watching the display climb from 0 to 360.

To further improve accuracy, I may use scan times recorded during rotation, where the delay is greater. I may adjust the correction factor based on a table with scan times from ten to thirty milliseconds.
Spinning Cardinal on a Lazy Susan

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