2020-06-30 (Tu) InCompass

I spent a lot of time working with a single axis on the M5StickC, and I knew it would take significant effort. I want to divert to a known-good system, so I bought a BNO055 breakout board from Adafruit. The BNO055 called an Absolute Orientation Sensor. The premise is that it takes out the tricky computations that have mired me since the start of this project. Perhaps this won't lead to any insights, but it shouldn't hurt to see what other methods exist. Adafruit's tutorial page mentions that the interrupt pin on the board is programmable, so maybe I can repurpose that for a minimalist design.

I soldered header pins to the module and connected an Arduino Nano clone with DuPont wires. I installed the example code and libraries from Adafruit, which was a breeze. For this hardware, I will rely on the serial port, and Serial.print() statements instead of an onboard screen. The example code loaded right away, and the serial monitor spat out a Heading value that seems like the factor in which I am interested.
Absolute orientation module BNO055

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