2020-07-02 (Th) InCompass

This project has to be haptic, sensible by touch, so I am adding a vibration motor. I soldered 0.1" (0.254mm) header pins to the unusual stab connectors on inexpensive vibrating motors. The sockets were next to each other for support and to keep stress off the thin wires, so I assigned the motor output to digital out number two, next to a ground pin on the Arduino Nano. I also attached a standard LED to a PWM pin so I could have visible output in addition to the light ring.
Soldering header pins to a vibrating motor

My first program turned on the new light and motor whenever the device pointed toward its starting position. In the second version, I made the intensity dimmer, and the vibration lasted 250mS whenever it faced ±5° of the origin and wouldn't vibrate again until it reentered that region.

I did some more testing where I held a powerful magnet near the sensor, and it didn't seem to mess up the readings. After that, I left it running overnight, and the LED was still on, so it knew it was still within the 5° region.
Haptic orientation sensor

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