2020-07-12 (Su) InCompass

After another day of testing, I was happy with how the device reacted, but I wasn't sure about the accuracy. Since the beginning, I have wanted to see live data as I walk, especially when mounted to my ankle, where I felt it was the most prone to erratic behavior. The next most important thing has been that if the origin wanders, I need to be able to zero it out. I could walk with a laptop, or a tablet and a cable connection without any changes significant to the code, but I purposely bought a Bluetooth board so I could interface with a mobile phone.

I ran a couple of the example sketches from Adafruit to start talking with the Bluetooth module. The first one let me check the die temperature, probably a useful bit, and the next one gave me a serial connection through their iOS app. A text connection is what will allow me to view live data and send commands. Even if I don't develop an app, I can do everything here, albeit inconveniently.
Phone and computer screenshots

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