2020-07-13 (M) InCompass

Yesterday, I proved that I could establish a Bluetooth connection with the example code and my hardware. Today, I folded the example code into my InCompass program. I was able to print the heading to my phone's screen, but it was not easy to read. The formatting was twisted, it was slow, and there was a lag when it was time to turn off the vibrating motor.

Part of the formatting issue was that I could not send a newline (\n) character because that instructed the Bluetooth module to terminate the message. The best I could do was use tabs (\t) to make it fit my screen. Since I am using Adafruit's Bluefruit Connect app, I cannot force it to recognize newlines, and it is not the biggest problem.

I changed the frequency the program checked the IMU, and that sped up my refresh time for the readings, which also fixed my hanging buzzer. I took a screenshot of my heading readings while I spun the device. Everything tracked well.

All my testing on the wireless had the compass tethered to a computer, and the example code I lifted required a connection before I could move on. Startup checks were a bad situation because I needed the device to run as soon as it got power instead of waiting to see a data connection. I removed those checks from the setup, and it worked fine, even when I connected wirelessly later.

The last issue, which I haven't solved, is that I lose connection when I'm wearing the compass on my hat. From what I can tell looking at the signal strength, the module is only outputting the minimum power, and it's not strong enough to go through, or around, my enormous head.
Live readings from the orientation sensor

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