2020-08-02 (Su) InCompass

Over one year ago, a group of folks rallied around this project, but no one started building back then. I was finally at a point that I revived the project and asked if anyone would help, but I think I made a barrier when I used >$70 in parts for a prototype. I was thinking of a minimal version, <$20, which didn't have wireless or battery charging. I already ordered an inexpensive IMU from China, and I had choices for microcontrollers.

I bought a retired Adafruit Trinket because they were small, but it was so far outdated that my computer would not talk to it. Instead, I went with a knock-off Pro-Mini because of their size and price. Unfortunately, they do not have mounting holes. Since I'm not using a radio, I can stack my components any convenient configuration. I don't have a battery charging circuit built into the board, so I'm not sure how big this version will become if I have to use a 5V battery pack.

New hardware selections

GitHub repo for Cardinal, aka InCompass

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