2020-08-05 (W) InCompass

I got my modified code working on the bare-bones Cardinal, miniCard. Now, I could view live readings and get vibrations like the full version. For clarity, I stripped out the commented code once I saw it working.

Since I didn't have a radio, all my controls had to be hard-wired. I debated if I should use a reed switch or a push-button. I decided on the button for simplicity's sake and because I had just removed the Arduino's reset button and repurposed it.

Powering this version was going to be different. Instead of an onboard battery charger, I was going to use a USB battery pack connected through a micro USB socket. I installed the port across spare IO terminals to have solid mounting points, but the pins would be unusable as inputs or outputs. I ran wires from them to GND and RAW. I tested with an ordinary USB cable, and it powered up and ran perfectly.

The strangest thing happened. When I called the digitalRead() function to check my button, the program would lock up. It must have been an issue with one of the sensor libraries because when I created a bare sketch with digitalRead(), there were no problems. I will look into alternative methods.
Button and power input on MiniCard

GitHub repo for Cardinal, aka InCompass

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