2020-08-08 (Sa) InCompass

My device stopped working, and I needed to fix it. I visually checked for bad solder joints, and a couple of them looked dodgy, so I heated them with an iron. That didn't fix anything, so I used my meter to test for open wires and shorts. When I didn't find anything there, I reset the Arduino and IMU through their RESET pins. The serial connection still said, "No BNO055 detected," so I reloaded the latest code, and it started working again. Weird.

Keeping the miniCard powered at all times will be essential for testing. I soldered some temporary test leads to a battery charging circuit and connected them to the RAW Arduino input. The system powered up when I connected to power. I removed the USB port from the bottom of the miniCard and replaced it with my charging board and a battery. I hoped that the charger would provide enough power while charging, and the battery would take over the rest of the time. What happened was that the light on the Arduino flickered no matter what, and it would not boot. I hoped the flickering would subside when the battery reached a full charge, so I left it overnight.
Blinking Arduino Light

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