2020-08-13 (Th) InCompass

The device stopped working again, and I had to reload the code to resume. I was worried that this could lead to unreliable software, so it necessitates more testing. When I connected it to a computer, I tried to use it without the 5V supply, but the data lines may have pull-up resistors because it didn't work. I wanted to do this because power was coming from the USB and a battery.

I commented out the code that printed the battery voltage each iteration. The next step was changing the functions to only print the heading if there was a change. If nothing moved, the system didn't spend resources and clock cycles on data. It also saved on my computer's memory while connected and looked less frantic on the screen.

When the code started, there was a check to see if the IMU was functioning, and if it failed, the program would not execute. I suspected this might be a cause for the cease-function. Nothing worked after that because the check also initiated the sensor. I modified it so that it would start, but not hang on a failed sensor.
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