2020-09-23 (W) Hackaday Summary

Into The Belly Of The Beast With Placemon
A couple of years ago, I discussed with a friend about where our bodies stop and end. It isn't as clear of a line as you might think. The first inclination is that our skin is the outer boundary, but is hair part of our body? If our hair is part of the body, but it is a non-living structure to help us sense the world, what about electronics that sense our environment to give us feedback. I made the argument that if your house was continuously feeding you sensor data, it could be considered part of your body. The person who built Placemon probably didn't have such navel-gazing quandaries. Still, he created something that takes multiple sensor readings from any room and sends them back to a central processor where it could be processed and alert the user if something interesting happens in that room.

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