2020-10-09 (F) Weekly Summary

I wrote about a project that combined two things I like, gaming hardware and unique computer peripherals. Racing pedals aren't novel, but they turn someone's microphone on or off in this case. They used an Arduino to talk to a Python script. I guess now I have to buy some myself.

This article's tip came from another Hackaday author who didn't feel qualified to write about a browser app someone made for text-based modeling. The language was similar to OpenSCAD, which I have used for years, so I was happy to give a run. To get a feel for the program, I ran the sample program and made a couple of additions and changes to generate the article's graphic.

This tip came from someone who I had just written an article. I submitted their first article at the beginning of the month, but they suggested a second feature-worthy thing they did. It was a cool project, but I held it back until the end of the month to avoid oversaturating the site with one person's work.

When I read the project logs for this, I was intrigued because it was thorough and presented like lessons. The more I read, the more I learned, but I also got annoyed at how wordy the author was. I joked that they must be paid-by-the-word. Still, I learned more than I thought I would ever know about consumer-grade lights.

Eye-tracking hardware usually mounts to a computer screen to watch someone's eyes and head to figure out where they're looking. This version is wearable to allow connections to multiple computers, and it will automatically switch depending on which screen the wearer is facing.

This project came from a creator I encountered on Instructables. They were responsible for sending out contest notifications and newsletters. Also, they created many projects, so I was surprised to find they hadn't been on HaD before. That should change.

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