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This blog is about hacking, circumventing rules, going outside the norm. Voting in the USA is about participating in a system that has been underway for a couple of hundred years. Not only is voting a long-standing institution, but it is a bureaucratic one, and I despise paperwork.

Despite my reluctance to fill out forms, I think that voting is essential. I joke that casting a ballot is your ticket to complain for the next four years, but it is crucial. When I needed money in college, I worked for a company employed by the RNC (Republican National Committee), and I learned more about politics in that place than school. I agreed with half of the things they stood for back in 2004, but they have changed their tune, and so have I. They are the party standing in the way of civil rights, liberty, and freedom. They twisted narratives to make people feel comfortable with bigotry and racism in our highest offices, and blatantly silenced the press—definition of fascism.

I don't think the democratic party is perfect. A lot of elected officials, democrats included, have shown themselves to be corrupt and sleazy. I did not vote for them. I learned almost two decades ago that there are more democrats in the USA than republicans, but more republicans get to the polls. Both parties know this, and through bizarre laws, like the electoral college and gerrymandering, we get even races. Voter reform would change the political landscape, and I would welcome it.

If you are a citizen in the USA and want to talk about politics, I will ask if you voted. I won't ask which direction you voted, but I won't spend any time on you if you didn't. Earn your right to make a fuss.
Voting during a pandemic

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