2020-10-16 (F) Weekly Summary

There is no perfect substitution for natural light. To maximize the light coming into the builder's house, they built a sun-tracking mirror to bring light into their home all day. Even though their windows don't face the sun, they get all they can handle.

I like the idea of hydroponic gardening because it looks clean, orderly, and relatively low maintenance. All these advantages come with the disadvantage of being expensive, but I never knew how much. This person made a 16-plant bed for $250USD, which isn't cheap or ridiculous.

I spent a month writing Hackaday articles almost daily. Continual writing was a good break, and I had some ideas about what to build soon, but I still have work to do on the inCompass Cardinal project. The Instructable still needs work, and I added two steps for programming and assembly.
New steps on Instructable

I'll add more instructions soon, but I had issues with the unit. Sometimes, the miniCard would vibrate without stopping when I applied power, which was a massive problem because it indicated a bug in the code, but I couldn't turn it off, so I added a switch on the battery. I also used the time to add a larger rechargeable battery.
Power switch

I don't get political on this blog very often, but the voting season has been incredibly tense this year, and I shared my beliefs. It was an odd sensation because I rarely put these thoughts out there, and after seven years, this blog has been pretty clear of my religious and political beliefs.
Mail-in voting envelope

I finished my miniCard Instructable more than one month after I started. During that month, I wrote a lot, so when it was finally time to wrap up the guide, adding words was easy. The flow in the last steps was smoother than when I started.

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