2020-10-30 (F) Weekly Summary

I finished the functional parts of my AR-15 and assembled something that could be considered a working gun. It is hidden in the picture, but I have drill bits substituting for my hammer and trigger pins. When I charge the rifle and pull the trigger, all the parts move as they should, and of course, the safety works.
Mostly assembled AR-15

When I started this project, I assumed I would follow the directions and put it away, but I feel a lot of pride in this gun. I want to personalize it, and for me, that means a color scheme that will be distinctive and match my taste. I am going for a black-and-white mixture, so I painted parts of the foregrip.
Painting my foregrip

I liked the color contrast so much that I bought a new stock to replace the standard one. My upgraded one had a cheek riser and a storage compartment, plus I didn't feel funny painting it in case I messed up. I had to spend some time disassembling it to paint only the main body, but I think it was worth the effort. This project is complete.
Completed AR-15

Every year, I have competed in the local IoT Hackathon, but it was canceled this year. My team and I were disappointed, but we decided to build our project anyway. It was a Ouija board that moves on its own, based on online responses to questions.

I was in charge of making a light-up Ouija board, and I planned to etch an acrylic sheet with a laser engraver. I will ring the plastic with color-changing LED strips, so the letter should pop if I put it on a black background. If time permits, I may also try an infinity mirror behind it.
Font selection

Now that I had a fast way to create new boards, I arranged a more comprehensive selection. I took a few that I thought were nice, a few that looked classic, and some that reminded me of other "spirit boards" I saw online. For fun, I also created one with non-Latin symbols.
Second wave of text options

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