2020-11-11 (W) IoTHackDay2020 Cloud Ouija

I designed my 3D printed servo arms to work with #4 (similar to 2mm) bolts because that was the inner diameter of the bearings I purchased. I bought enough bolts and nuts at the hardware store to assemble the arms, but I forgot to buy some for fastening the servos. The weather was snowing and lousy for driving, but I went back to the store and got what I thought I needed, but it turned out that these servos mount with 3.5mm holes, so the #6 bolts I had at my house were sufficient and significantly less expensive. Such is life.

For this testing rig, I would use two potentiometers to control two servo motors, and the microcontroller would give me feedback about the position for each letter. I grabbed a piece of stripboard and some headers to split out the power, ground, and signals to make all the electrical connections. I soldered testing wires to the potentiometers and arranged the header pins so they could plug directly onto the board. The Arduino Micro in the picture is not soldered to the board. Instead, it is held in place with friction, and the leads are connected on the backside.

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