2020-11-30 (M) IoTHackDay2020 Cloud Ouija

When I printed values to the LCD screen before, I displayed the position in an array, so since "A" was in the first position, I showed "0," but for readability, I added 1. Demo mode would move along, printing "26" for Z and "13" for M, but my function would only print numbers.

What my program needed was a way to show lots of text on the screen. The plan was to show the user's question on the screen while the answer revealed itself via the moving puck. For example, the monitor might say, "Oh spirit, what is your name?" and the shuttle will move around to spell G-E-O-R-G-E.
Code and serial port

I added a new function that would recognize text from the serial port and display it on the screen. When I started a message with ">," the microcontroller would put the rest of that message on the monitor. For the picture below, I sent, ">Lorem ipsum..." and it showed the first one-hundred characters. There wasn't any checking to ensure words wouldn't run over the edge and get cut off.
Text on the little screen

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