2020-12-13 (Su) Gravy Shock

In too many stories, I notice characters jump to the correct conclusion about a mystery with only a few clues. I probably set up my players for an obvious outcome, but I wanted Ness to guess incorrectly and draw a couple of different hypotheses. Jerry is a cyborg with "a brain, and spinal cord, inside a robot." People with such heavy augmentation are not known in this setting, so there would be no more reason for Ness to suspect him. There are more likely outcomes, especially considering her traveling companion.

This story is an allegory for someone unfamiliar with non-binary people and finding out about it for the first time. The twist is that Ness, who is non-binary, has to learn about someone with an artificial body. Neither of them is a perfect guide for the other, but they are respectful, and I hope that comes out in the story.
Chapter 8

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