2021-01-02 (Sa) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

The final module in the enclosure was a MIDI soundcard. Adafruit's board is the only one I have used for the Electronic WindChimes projects. One reason is that they are reliable, and another is that a local surplus shop has them for $15. In Adafruit's tutorial, they recommend connecting pin 2 to RX, but this supposes the user is using a software serial in their sketch. Still, I will be tapping off one of the MEGA's serial pins. I installed a long wire from RX, 5V, and GND and connected them to the power stripboard and the data line.

After I made my last connections, I took a scrap plastic piece from my bin and wrapped it around the circuit board. From there, I softened it with a heat gun and wrapped it around to protect the surfaces that might come into contact with other electronics.
Insulated soundcard

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