2021-01-12 (Tu) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

My code was copied directly from the EWC_Presenter project and had lots of code I wouldn't need. I poured over everything and removed the bits I thought I wouldn't need. I preserved all the old revisions. When I bring over old code, I usually pick a point and tear through with a heavy hand. I gradually move to a method of seeking out variables and excising them. Finally, I try to compile, and whenever there is an error, I see if it is because of a deleted portion and fix it. This time, I made a list of the functions and variables that weren't going to be useful and tracked them for removal. It worked cleanly, and when I compiled, there were only a few problems that I promptly addressed.

One of the missing functions was checkInputs(), but instead of removing its call, I wrote a new algorithm to read all the digital inputs. The old code used a recycled calculator number pad, so I had to read from a grid, but this project has inputs run directly to pins, so I don't need any fancy code. In addition to reading the state of each button, I also record the rising and falling edges.
Working digital inputs

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