2021-01-13 (W) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

My system for reading discrete inputs is to sequentially check all the pins from two to ten and record their states in an array, which is a simple task. At the same time, I check for any changed conditions and record them as rising or falling edges depending on whether I am pressing or releasing the button. Then I assigned programmer-friendly names to the array components to query things like fallingEdge[panicButton] or risingEdge[moodAIncrement] and cancel the panic mode or increase my Mood A variable a single time. Arduino's debounce library does something similar.

I started with four moods that were just copy-paste versions of the same thing, but I expanded it to sixteen, and each has a unique instrument list. They are sequential numbers and not intentional compositions, but they will be easy to differentiate as I load them in the future. I used Google Sheets to generate a table of pseudo-random numbers for the color choices, but I made sure there was always one zero-value field, so I don't wind up with varying hues close to gray. The first four moods already had color assignments, so I programmed their quadrants to change to those values when I pressed increment or decrement.
Colored quadrants

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