2021-01-23 (Sa) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

Depending on my sliders' position, I needed to know how much "attention" the processor should pay to each mood. The premise of the EWC_OST is to transition from one mood to another gracefully, but since I have two sliders, I have to process four moods at a time. The worst-case scenario is that each mood has twenty-five percent. I wrote out the pseudo-code to assign each mood a percentage based on slider position, but I had to simplify things to process based on 0-100 even though the slider resolution is 0-1023. The large numbers wouldn't fit into an integer or even a long data type. To double-check, I summed up all the percentages and ensured that they added up to 100. Sure enough, when I monitored the serial data, my code worked.
Mood attention calculation

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