2021-01-29 (F) Weekly Summary

With two sliders, I have a two-dimensional fader, but instead of only making sound sources louder and quieter, I can also change how often instruments make a sound. I did this by calculating "attention" on each mood as a percentage. Most of the time, I will fade from one to another, but I could have twenty-five percent on each for a potentially horrendous sound.
Focusing on the quadrants

I gave the printer a thorough cleaning to see if I couldn't make my prints come out neater. Their corners were sloppy, like butter left in the sun, and that was probably why my keycaps wouldn't fit onto their switches.
Bulbous edges

I bought a laboratory stir plate and added some fresh prints before the UV curing step. Sure enough, the corners were clean and sharp. I tried to get fancy with a cover for my stir rod, but since these keycaps were not fragile, I just tossed them in a beaker with rubbing alcohol and cranked up the mixing speed.
Crisp edges

My first attempt at a slider cap was not pretty, and it didn't work because the bottom part of the model mushroomed out and closed up the hole. I'll revise with a version that won't have that problem.
Slider without a mounting socket

I considered some options for improving my slider design, so when I used a resin printer, it wouldn't clog the socket. My solution was to add some space at the bottom so when the layers flared, they wouldn't seal up the base.
Revised slider model

I needed a day to fix up some of the faulty code. The problems came from a println() statement, but I cannot figure out why that would mess things up so badly. Now that I know it won't slow me down, but it is a bug I don't understand.
Functioning code

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