2021-02-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I started the week by unearthing a problematic statement in some filler code. I was supposed to write a line that would turn on a note and not much else. The problem was that I used 128 for the velocity (volume) but the function would reject anything over 127.
(0:10) Notes at 127 velocity, full volume

Next, I expanded the temporary code to factor in different instruments, the likelihood of playing, and I thought it calculated the tempo based on the sliders.
Code updates and notes

I was wrong about the tempo control, and I don't know what is happening there. I discovered that my spreadsheet had 128 for a lot of the instrument velocities, so I corrected that error and confirmed that my other changes worked properly.
Screenshot of new code

Changing tempos gave me trouble, and I found that I was not updating at the correct times, so I changed that. Another issue was that my screen updated multiple moods when I changed the first three. I tracked this down to a bit that didn't reset in time.
I found the issue

I tried shifting octaves before, but my code wanted to make all notes close to zero. To track down the issue, I made a few new moods that each tried something different, and I decided I didn't want to shift entire octaves at a time, but if I work in multiples of twelve, I still have the ability.
Octave shifting the easy way

I started the write the code that would fade an instrument in or out based on the spreadsheet. As each mood comes into focus, notes may become louder, more frequent, or both, depending on the parameters. Controlling these factors using only integer math is probably more trouble than it is worth.
Experimental moods

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