2021-02-12 (F) Weekly Summary

I needed a function to calculate the probability of a note that didn't use integers because I worked with percentages. I tried integer math, but it was too coarse. I performed all the math with floating-point numbers then returned a true or false, which worked splendidly.

Probability calculating function

I copied the probability function but modified it to return an integer that reflected a note's velocity. I had to base it on where the sliders were pointing and its full potential, which was sometimes less than maximum.
Velocity tempering function

EWC_OST is almost complete! I spent a day wrapping up loose ends like an unused instrument, button, and print statements. The most exciting thing was when I created a spreadsheet to create moods with random properties. I installed twenty of them on the project, and I found some I liked.
Spreadsheet that generate moods

I finished the EWC_OST! There are some little bugs that I can fix at my leisure, like a holder for the SD card extension or better-looking slider caps, but it is functional, and I am ready to move onto other projects.
(2:00) Demonstration
GitHub repo for EWC_OST.

It is time to get Gravy Shock moving again. The point of the EWC_OST was to add a soundtrack to my audiobook. A friend of mine offered help turning this into an indie comic book Kickstarter. We talked for a couple of hours, and I love the idea.
Two hours on the phone!

The characters in my mind have a few specific details, so I wrote those out. Next, I had to fill in all the gaps that I didn't consider, like everyone's skin color. Ethnicity is proving to be a challenge, so these descriptions are preliminary.
Gravy shock character descriptions

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