2021-03-05 (F) Weekly Summary

A fresh set of eyes on my dialogue helped because some of the things I thought were obvious, or would have conveyed through emphatic reading,  were not clear. Together, we improved this.
Clear meanings

I never looked into the effects of absolute silence on space travelers, but I assumed it would be troubling because quiet to me is unnerving. My editor was unsure, but she found that NASA had the same concern, and they conducted a study to test the effects.
We made a list of sound loops included with the houseboat

Marigold picks up an unexpected burst of data transmission. Ness and the cat suspect someone was spying on their ship. Now the audience can wonder why they are worth bugging.
Suspicions abound

In a lone night of editing, I wrote descriptions for more than forty panels. All of them were for edited dialogue, so my editor and I can cruise back through them when we have time.
Ever more descriptions

I caught up with descriptions, so now everything has a little something to paint a picture. In some cases, it was little more than talking about where someone was sitting, but I tried to include how people, or a robot cat, would look.
Bonus kitty picture

After a too-long break, I got it together and wrote a Hackaday article. I found a pretty useless machine, which is to say that it was a useless machine that was also attractive. It had a few more figurative bells and whistles that set it apart.

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