2021-03-21 (Su) Gravy Shock

With all the space in the middle of the room, I added a couple of items to the floor. I moved the television, which used to sit on a counter, to a post-mounted model. In one scene, a flight-attendant speaks to the passenger from the floor hatch, which means he will be looking at everyone between the bars.

In my imagination, Jerry wouldn't be keen on setting the table, so when he made food for the kids, he'd toss it on a kitchen island like a bar top with stools. Now, there was enough room to add it.

I mentioned one bit of tech in the story called "sponge," algae that filtered the air and gray water, but I hadn't added it to the drawing until now. The green cylinders covering one wall are all clear tubes filled with bubbling green soup.

I can extrude nearly all the shapes in this drawing upward. There is no vertical detail on any appliance. For example, there is supposed to be a dishwasher and laundry machine next to the sink. Fusion 360 has an easy way to share models, so I made a public link for anyone to walk through the living room.
Updated model

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