2021-03-26 (F) Weekly Summary

I love how many different bits of hardware this builder used. There are motors, speakers, knobs, buttons, you name it. It all works well together instead of feeling like someone went nuts in a surplus shop. Plus, I know the man who built it and a appreciate when people send me tips directly.

I always imagined there was a bar or kitchen island in the houseboat. I had an image of Jerry scooting cereal bowls to the kids sitting on stools burned into my brain. The flawed model barely had room for a miniature kitchen, but the revised version has ample space, so I added a table and some stools, then rendered everything.
New bottom-floor model

The top floor gets a little less attention, but there is less critical stuff to draw. Some of the drafting work was tricky because it had to translate to 3D rendering. There is an interactive 3D model.
Squat little houseboat internals

I assigned materials to all the items on the second floor. I redrew some things for rendering, particularly round items like doorknobs and faucets.
Fully rendered houseboat

My editor and I tightened up the script by removing a lot of chaff. Jerry's conversations have a way of wandering, and I didn't want to eliminate that entirely.
Edits and revisions

Without my editor, who has a different schedule, I can only do so much. I took the evening to write many panel descriptions that she and I will edit next time.
New descriptions

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