2021-04-16 (F) Weekly Summary

I wore my first print to get a feel for what it might be like. I flexed the finger sensors and got an idea for the operation. Since I didn't have a nylon strap handy, I used a bit of blue tape. Wearing it around helped me decide what needs work.
Improvement list

I started working down my list of improvements. Some were easier than others. It should have been no trouble to make the platform thicker, but I confused a couple of variables, "platformThickness" and "thickness" which used to be the same, but it messed things up when they were no equal. I also made it easier to display the platform and finger rods at the same time.
Some model improvements

I mostly finished my list of improvements. At least, I made enough improvements to justify printing a new copy. The finger rods have a cinched area where I can wrap Velostat, and I input the new M2 hardware dimensions.
Second iteration

After a long drive, I wrote some thoughts about programming. I need to recognize the difference and importance of different interactions. For example, if I lift my finger lightly, the keyboard must do something, but if I press hard, it must ignore the light press and only do the hard one. I also plan to monitor motion, which could be the most vital.
Programming flow

Sometimes, my printer would smoosh the first couple of layers, and that would cause problems with the parts touching the plate, but it could also affect the print later. With my latest revisions, I elevated the pieces off the plate and printed them with supports.
Third model

I'm haven't finished the model, but I bought a Bluetooth microcontroller with a battery charger and screen. I went through all the connection steps and modified a "Hello World" program to print some text.
Working screen

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