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I received my second Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 yesterday, and my joints ached, so I didn't want to do anything active.

Yesterday, I figured out that my infrared noise was likely coming right through the plastic aerial. The printer resin is nearly opaque, but IR light can seep through it. To contain the IR beams, I devised an aerial that held the LEDs in foil-wrapped modules fastened to the post with long M2 bolts. Before I could sketch out my idea, I realized that one of the reasons I saw so much leakage was because I removed the receiver's metal shield. Instead of complicating the aerial design, I modified it to use the shielded version, and I exposed the front considerably instead of making it peek out a tiny hole. If I need to constrict the aperture, I can experiment with holey aluminum tape.
IR aerial for a shielded receiver

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